Pilates Matwork


Pilates Matwork is the foundation of the Pilates method, where the body works its own weight against gravity. Small auxiliary equipment like balls and thera-bands can be used to enhance the training. Pilates Matwork is taught in small groups of up to 9 participants. The number of students is kept small on purpose, to ensure that individual care and attention can be provided. However, a Matwork class also gathers momentum from the dynamic sequencing of exercises and is therefore not as suitable for acute injury recovery, as working with the Pilate equipment. If you are pregnant, you should get your doctor’s permission, before attending the class.

Pilates Matwork is a challenging training program for gaining strength and flexibility.

It is particularly helpful for:

  • The recruitment and strengthening of the deep core muscles and back stabilizers
  • The stabilisation of the shoulder girdle and upper back
  • The development of long and lean muscles
  • The gentle mobilisation of spine, hip and shoulders • Better body awareness and posture
  • Improved breath control
  • The return to free-flowing, whole body movement

Pilates Matwork classes take place in our shop front studio. Please refer to our timetable for training times and online booking of group classes.

An ONLINE lifestream takes place on saturdays at 9.00 hours, which is suitable for all levels of experience.

All Classes can be booked online.

“A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of doing sloppy training or forced contortions.” Joseph Pilates