Our Yoga Basic class is suitable for beginers, who want to develop an understanding of all aspects of Yoga. We work on the foundations of Yoga Asanas, practice core alignments and integrate them into fluid breathing patterns. Basic breathing techniques are explored and guide you into short meditation sequences. This class is also suitable for more experienced Yogis, who are looking to deepen their understanding of Yoga. Our Yoga Basic class takes place every Wednesday at 18.15 hours and  20.15 hours and can be booked online.

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic style of Hatha Yoga. Creative combinations of classic Yoga Asanas meet in a flowing interplay of breath and motion. Fluid motion turns into an active meditation and an awareness of being in the present moment. In all our Vinyasa Yoga classes, we work on deepening our understanding of the Yoga asanas and our ability to facilitate fluid and organic movement.
Vinyasa Yoga classes take place on mondays at 8am as an ONLINE lifestream and in the studio on tuesdays at 20.30 hours and on saturdays at 10.30am. Classes can be booked online.